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September 21, 2018…It is with great sadness that I finally report the passing of my father, the inspiration of this site, who died 10 months earlier in December 2017. I am not sure what the future holds for this site now that he is no longer here, but please do continue to enjoy the site the in the meantime.


August 1, 2017…In a Sports Illustrated all-time NFL draft, Johnny Unitas was the first QB taken, and the third overall pick. Gino Marchetti, Big Daddy Lipscomb, Lenny Moore, Raymond Berry, Joe Perry, Jim Parker, John Mackey, and Art Donovan were also drafted.


July 18, 2017...Colts tight end Tom Mitchell passed away; he was 72 years old.


April 10, 2015…Tight end Jim Mutcheller, key player in the ‘58 Championship, passed away at 85..


September 13, 2013...The Baltimore Sun spoke to former lineman Dan Sullivan.


August 5, 2013...Art Donovan passes away at 89 years old. As the Baltimore Sun stated, “The defensive line in heaven just got a lot better.”


October 8, 2012...Johnny U’s last NFL record falls as Drew Brees throws a TD in his 48th consecutive game.  It’s tough to accept seeing as how he played 32 of his 48 games indoors, the league’s rules overwhelmingly favor the QB, and well, it’s one less reason for today’s fans to recall or even learn about players from Unitas’ era.  My sentiments exactly:


September 11, 2012...Ten years ago, Johnny U passed away. My how time passes quickly.


February 9, 2010...Updated  Colts in the News articles and added proper credit to “Unitas We Stand,” written by Tony Sciuto and  Tony Lombardi, and performed by Tony Sciuto.  Please visit, owned by Tony Lombardi and D3 Corp.


October 7, 2009...ESPN’s 30 for 30 series will air Barry Levinson’s “The Band That Wouldn’t Die,” about the Colts marching band next week.  Links to a clip of the show and its trailer have been added to the Video/Audio Clips page.  The documentary’s latest showtimes:


    Tuesday, October 13 at 11p on ESPN

    Thursday, October 15 at 9p on ESPN2, 11p on ESPN Classic

    Monday, October 19 at 7p on ESPN2

    Wednesday, October 21 at 8p on ESPN2

    Sunday, October 25 at 9p on ESPN Classic

    Sunday, November 8 at 9p on ESPN Classic


November 22, 2008...I’ve added highlights from the 1958 regular season game between the Colts and Giants, won by New York 24-21.


August 8, 2008...The official celebration of the 1958 NFL Championship game is set for Saturday, December 27, at M&T Bank Stadium.  Tickets are on sale here:,0,3865674.


May 7, 2008...Johnny Unitas would have turned 75 years old today.


April 25, 2008…Be sure to get a copy of SI this week with Johnny U on the cover.  The issue includes an excerpt from “The Best Game Ever,” by Mark Bowden; the latest book about the 1958 NFL Championship.  Also coming this summer is a book about the game co-written by Frank Gifford.


April 23, 2008...The Johnny Unitas tribute video has been seen over 10,000 times on YouTube!  Thanks for the support!


March 28, 2008...It is with deep sadness at BCM that we mourn the death of former Colt and close family friend, Herb Rich, who died at 79.


February 3, 2008...Call it fate, call it karma, but today I bowled on the randomly assigned lane #19 using the name “Unitas” and reached an all-time score of 220.


January 15, 2008...The Johnny Unitas game jacket on Public Television’s “Antiques Roadshow” had an auction appraisal of $40,000 to $60,000.  You may view the appraisal video here.


December 9, 2007...Baltimore Colts Mania is mentioned in the Baltimore Sun! 


September 12, 2007...The Baltimore Colts Mania’s YouTube video gets a nod from the Baltimore Sun’s sports blog written by Bill Ordine.


September 11, 2007...Five years ago, Johnny Unitas passed away.  Please read or even re-read the articles about his passing on the Unitas page.


April 24, 2007...Pulitzer Prize-winning author David Halberstram died yesterday as he was on his way to interview Y.A. Title for his upcoming book, “The Game,” about the 1958 NFL Championship.  There is no word on the book’s future.


March 20, 2007...The music slideshow is now available on Google Video and YouTube video from the Video/Audio pageIt must be viewed by all Colts fans!


March 18, 2007...Welcome to the brand new Baltimore Colts Mania!  This site has been redesigned with new text and links.


January 9, 2007...Baltimore Colts Mania’s is mentioned on WBAL’s Web Trends Report.